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Value proposition for the maritime sector:

Visibility through water, material detection, optical measurements, research and development services.

IARD is a privately held company that offers radiometers and custom built electro-optical systems as well as research, development and measurement services.

Web: http://www.iard.co.il

Phone: +972-(0)54-999.8008

Contact: Arie Herold

Email: ariel.h@iard.co.il

Products and technologies:

IARD provides:

  • Multi-Channel fast Radiometers and related products
  • Radiometric measurement services
  • Development of custom Elecro-Optical systems
  • R&D services in the Electro-Optics and Remote-Sensing

Company profile:

IARD was established by a group of scientists and engineers that had worked together for many years in the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. The group was established in the early 70's to advance Israel's capabilities in infra red radiometry. During these years this group supplied radiometric and signature measurement services to the Israeli ministry of defense. IARD was established as a private venture owned by its main scientists in 1998. Since then it continued in its original mission as well as broadening the scope of its activities.

IARD will tell you if and how it can be observed

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