Yam-Yafo Marine Projects Ltd

ים-יפוא פרויקטים ימיים בע"מ

We can offer highly competitive rates and a broad range of experienced & qualified consultants to meet the needs of our clients.

Web: www.yam-yafo.com

Phone: +972-(0)58-5272222

Contact: Ronnie Sade


Products and technologies:

Yam-yafo Marine Projects Ltd. is a firm that provides marine and subsea data management services to the offshore industry, based in Israel.
We serve a global selection of clients and consultants.
I believe that having a blend of expertise, knowledge and confidence is the cornerstone in gaining the trust of the people we work with.

In broad terms the services include acquisition, processing, analysis, storage, security and delivery of digital and hard-copy subsea data for a variety of projects including the provision of representatives for various offshore mapping campaigns.

We have extensive and proven experience, having been operating since 1995 worldwide, successfully managing numerous projects to date.

Company profile:

The company was established 2012 by Ronnie Sade a licensed IHO Marine Surveyor and long-time consultant on Marine Mapping both in Israel and abroad

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