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Value proposition for the maritime sector:

Hydropath Marine Ltd. was established to introduce the shipping industry with an advanced and long established water treatment technology by Hydropath, which for the last three decades provides worldwide land based industries with water treatment solutions. Hydropath Marine Ltd offers low maintenance costs and environmentally friendly solutions for water treatment on board, in comparison with the existing solutions, which are essentially based on chemical treatment and at times involve intensive labor and man hours for cleaning.

Web: http://www.hydropathmarine.com

Phone: +972-(0)49121110

Contact: Dolly ben dahan


Products and technologies:

Hydropath Marine technology uses an AC electrical signal to prevent the formation of limescale deposits on the surfaces of pipes and equipment and also to eliminate bacteria.

Hydropath Marine uses a unique patented technology to apply an electrical field to the pipe and the water contained within, using a signal consists of a series of exponentially decaying sine waves, of frequency approximately ±150kHz.

The unit fits around the pipe with no need for cutting or plumbing. A ferrite ring passes through the unit and encircles the pipe.

The difference between Hydropath Marine and other physical water conditioning technologies is the induced signal and its ability to continuously condition the liquid solution throughout an entire system. Hydropath Marine water conditioners induce an electric signal into any water pipe on which they are installed (metal or PVC).

Company profile:

With their vast experience in water technologies, combined with many years of experience in the marine environment, Hydropath Marine founders strive to give you the best and most economical solutions for the multiple water treatment problems, you are and may be faced with on board your vessels. This has been made affordable by applying the most advanced patented and cutting edge technology, which among others, is also environmental friendly.

Based on the renowned technology and the worldwide distribution network of the products of Hydropath Technology, Hydropath Marine systems were perfectly and suitably designed for the marine applications, to provide you with a cost-effective and maintenance free solution, for most of your water treatment issues on board your vessels.

Hydropath Technology was founded in 1992 after founder Dr. Danny Stefanini devised his theory on crystallization and developed the first prototype model for treating limescale within the home. Since then Hydropath has developed 12 different product ranges. The Hydropath Technology is used all over the world as a cost effective, energy saving, green technology and as a proven means of conditioning water for limescale, flocculation, bacteria and algae prevention. Hydropath Marine has recently developed a range of products for various marine applications and is available worldwide.

The installation is straight forward. It does not require any dismantling of pipes, but is just an "ADD ON" unit, which is simple and small in size. The Hydropath Marine unit has a short "PAY BACK" period in view of the savings of chemicals and cleaning costs. The energy consumption is negligible in comparison with the energy saved through an improved heat transfer

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