Ocean Brick System (OBS)LTD

אושן בריק סיסטם בע"מ

Value proposition for the maritime sector:

To build marine projects like offshore Air Port, Offshore deep water port, reducing 20% to 30% from the budget, environment friendly.
To cut tha time table of the project.

Web: www.Oceanbricks.com

Phone: +972-(0)505207013

Contact: Kobi Birnhack


Products and technologies:

The OBS is based on advanced technology znd consists of sophisticated a patended precast hollow concrete modules that are composed into superstructures, this new flexible, fastto implement and ENVIONMENT FRIENDLY system using only 8 pre cent from the volume forthe erection and founding of Offshore Artificial Air Ports, Deep Wter Port, Artificial Iland, LNG terminals and other large marine, Offshor infrastructure Wind Turbie Farms.
The OBS modules/bricks are piled up like cubes, and are interconected to create a bouyant,stiff and strong superstructure.
The major advantages of OBS are:
1.Savingof 20%-30% in overall project cost.
2. Significant reduction in project completio schdule.
3. Environment friendly.
4.Mass production of OBS at project site.
5.Fully modular structure.

Company profile:

Established on 2005, E,M,E,D LTD company buyed an option topurchase 26 pre cent.

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