Geo-Prospect Ltd

גיאו פרוספקט בע"מ

Value proposition for the maritime sector:

Geo-prospect Ltd. was founded in 1971 by Noah Lasman and Moshe Braun. Since then the company has been active in geological, geotechnical, and environmental surveys in Israel and abroad. Geo-prospect carries out projects for the leading companies in Israel in the fields of production of raw materials for construction, raw materials for the chemical industry, minerals, metals, hydrocarbons, as well as for governmental institutions.


Phone: +972-(0)26789358

Contact: Doron Braun


Products and technologies:

Geo-prospect specializes in environmental, engineering, geological, hydrogeological, and geotechnical projects.
The company acts as an official noise laboratory and a number of employees are authorized noise measurers.
Geo-prospect has equipment for the measurement of air pollution.
The company is certified to sample soils, by the Laboratory Accreditation Authority.
Geo-prospect is a registered ISO-9001/2000 standards company.

Company profile:

Geo-prospect Ltd. was founded in 1971 by Noah Lasman and Moshe Braun.There are more than thirty professional employees at Geo-prospect. At Geo-prospect Ltd. we accompany our clients from the initiation stage all the way through to construction permits and business licenses.

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